How he looks.

Whiskers Mouse is a The Get-Along Gang OC created by Sophie the Otter. If he was in the DiC animated series, he would debut in the third season (1986) in the episode Shhhh! After joining in said episode, he becomes the youngest member of the gang at 8 years old, presumably a year younger than Portia Porcupine, thus implying that he is also one grade behind her and two grades behind the rest of the gang.


Whiskers is a dark gray mouse with blue eyes wearing a gray-tan vest with a brown belt, jeans, and yellow and sand-colored shoes. He also has whiskers (as his name suggests).


Whiskers is mute (as a nod to the saying "quiet as a mouse"), yet he is helpful and generous. The fact that he is silent almost 100% of the time confuses the other gang members. Whiskers generally communicates by writing notes on a small piece of paper and by using body language and facial expressions. He is also very nosy, sometimes getting to his friends' privacy without permission, but he makes up for that by minding his own business, too.


  • Whiskers has a fear of loud noises. However, he doesn't scream when he hears one. He just covers his ears.
  • Whiskers loves opera, mimes, and silent '20s films.
  • Whiskers has a single mother who is extremely chatty.