T. (Tammy) Jayne Bird is a The Get-Along Gang OC by Sophie the Otter. She debuts in the fan-made Season 3 premiere episode "Nature Journey". She is voiced by Susan Blu.


T. Jayne is a blue jay with brown eyes. She wears a dark magenta overall dress with pink heart-print buttons over a beige shirt complete with a safari hat and green, blue, and yellow sneakers. 


T. Jayne is a spunky, willing girl who is best friends and partners with Flora "Forget-me-Not" Fox, as they are both into nature (although Flora is more of a botanist while T. Jayne is more of a zoologist). However, she can end up losing things or forgetting something. Even though her occasional absent-mindedness can cause problems, she is a sweet companion for the rest of the Get-Along Gang.


  • T. Jayne is the only member of The Get-Along Gang who is a bird and one of the three Get Along Gang members who is a non-mammal, the other two being Braker Turtle and Amy "Fibsy" Frog.
  • She and Flora plan sleep-overs together every night at T. Jayne's house.
  • She stutters her speech when she ends up forgetting something, since she dislikes making mistakes.
  • She loves watching documentaries on television.