Sophie the OtterSeismicShowdown


Sophie the Otter's Super Seismic Showdown is a fighting video game inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series for the 3DS, the Wii U, the PlayStation 4, and the XBOX ONE. It was released in July 2015 by Orange Otter Interactive.


The game borrows elements from the Super Smash Bros. games, such as knocking opponents off the stage to win. However,  the way to represent damage can be done in three different options: either a life bar similar to the one from the Pokemon games, a health pie chart similar to Mario's Health Meter from Super Mario 64 (with each segment that can be cracked up to 20 times before breakage), or the damage percentage based on the SSB series. Characters have a standard A attack, 4 tilt attacks (front, back, up, and down), 4 charged A attacks (front, back, up, and down), 9 aerial attacks (neutral, front, lower-right, down, lower-left, back, upper-left, up, and upper right), and 5 special moves (neutral, front, back, up, and down), complete with a unique Tide Turner (similar to a Final Smash in the SSB games). Players can also grab enemies and use 2 different pummels (one A pummel  and one B pummel) and 6 different throws (front, diagonal front, up, diagonal back, back, and down).   

Playable CharactersEdit

Fanon UniverseEdit

  • Sophie the Otter
  • Sydney Otter
  • Rico Raccoon
  • Amy "Fibsy" Frog
  • Licks Frog
  • Whiskers Mouse
  • Chelsea Chipmunk
  • T. Jayne Bird
  • Kangaroo Puffalump
  • Giraffe Puffalump
  • Penguin Puffalump
  • Hippo Puffalump
  • Turtle Puffalump
  • Seal Puffalump
  • Chandler Chinchilla
  • Winnie Wolf
  • Rodney Robin
  • Poofy Z Poodle
  • Sheila Sugar Glider
  • Olingual Olinguito
  • Orlando Olinguito
  • Vito Olinguito
  • Orquidea Olinguito
  • Olivia Olinguito