How he looks.

Snyder "Sleepyhead" Sloth is a The Get-Along Gang OC by Sophie the Otter. He debuts in the fanmade Season 3 (1986) episode "Nature Journey". He is voiced by Pat Fraley.


Snyder is a brown sloth with baby blue eyes and a tan "mask". He wears an orange long sleeved pajama top with three baby blue Zs and light yellow collar, green and black-dotted pajama pants with a green waistline, and purple slippers.

Personality Edit

Snyder is the laziest of the gang, often slacking off by sleeping. One of the gang members, especially Zipper Cat, would have to carry him sometimes to prevent him from being left behind in the Caboose. Despite his tiredness, he often feels welcome by the gang and acts friendly.  


  • Unlike other gang members with coined nicknames, he is almost always referred to by his nickname than his normal name (possibly to avoid confusion with Schneider Squirrel, Lolly's father), similar to Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy being referred to as "Double D" to avoid confusion between him and Ed. This is highlighted in "Snyder or Schneider?"
  • Snyder is the slowest of the gang.
  • A running gag occurs with Snyder having a brief dream, which is depicted in an imagination spot.