Rico Raccoon is a The Get-Along Gang OC created by Sophie the Otter. If he was in the DiC TV show, he would debut in the fanon third season (1986) in an episode called "Sloppy, but Super!" He is voiced by R.J. Williams. 


Rico is a brown and dark brown raccoon with messy hair and brown eyes (as depicted during the show's intro). He wears a slightly tattered green polo shirt with blue buttons (one hanging out a bit) and maroon shorts with a green patch sewed onto it and brown boots with muck all over. The quality of his clothes emphasizes his messiness.


Rico is happy-go-lucky, sweet, and innocent raccoon. However, he can be very sloppy sometimes. He enjoys eating messy food such as his favorite, spaghetti, annoying Bernice Bear. He can have things such as his homework and personal old sock collection unorganized.

Nevertheless, the rest of the gang appreciate and show sympathy for him and still accept him in their adventures. 


  • Rico is of Italian descent.
  • Rico's dream job is to be a chef.
  • Rico's favorite music genre is country. 
  • Rico is the only gang member not to have visible eyebrows.
  • Rico's girlfriend is Reena Raccoon, WilliamWill's daughter.
  • In "Rico's Big Brother", it is revealed that he is the younger brother of Randy Raccoon from the Season 1 episode "Woolma's Birthday".