How they look.

Putrid and Pouncer Popple are a duo of villainous Popples that were abandoned by the parents of two rebellious fraternal twins: Rudy and Judy Hopewell due to their cruelty and fights between them and the two Popples. They make an appearance as Depress Fortress residents in Sophie and Quintion's Cartoon Castle, always causing trouble to the Cartoon Castle, especially attacking the hero Popples. In the aforementioned show, they debuted in the episode "Two Popple Pests".

They both are OCs created by Sophie the Otter.


Putrid is a male yellow-green Popple with crimson spiky hair, hazel eyes, one short dark avocado green ear and one short light yellow-green ear both with a chewed end. He has green cheeks, a light-yellow green muzzle with a gray nose and a fang, a light olive green tummy with an image of three cartoonish flies over two stink lines, dark avocado green and gray paw pads and heels, and a medium gray tail with a green and light olive green pom-pom tip. He also has ankle bracelets stated to be armor built from a trash can. He sports claws on his hands and feet. 

Pouncer is a female storm gray Popple with short-medium length spiky raven black hair, brown eyes, one sharp navy blue ear and one rounded dark purple ear, also both with a chewed end. She has navy blue cheeks, a yellow muzzle with a raven black nose and fangs,  a yellow tummy with a picture of three scarred claws, maroon paw pads, and dark purple heels. She has a dark brown tail with a maroon and dark purple pom-pom tip. She has fewer claws than Putrid and wears a black spiked bracelet on her left arm. 


Putrid, as his name suggests, acts very dirty and nasty. He loves to collect garbage and throw them at fellow people and the hero Popples, making them dirty in the process. He does not like to shower and tries to avoid keeping clean.  He also bullies the other Popples except his partner in crime Pouncer with rude, nasty words.

Pouncer is very aggressive and enjoys attacking innocent ones in the manner of a feline. She is a troublemaker who vandalizes objects by scratching them very roughly. Like Putrid, she bullies the other Popples.