Kangachilla Dream is a Sci-Fi/Action Animated series created by Sophie the Otter. It premiered on Orange Otter Network on April 11th, 2016.

Plot Edit

In 4000 AD, robotic archeologists excavate Sophie the Otter's grave in New Lake Hoohaw, which was built in 2103, the year she died. They team up with a group of robotic scientists called the G.N.A (Genetic Neutralizing Association) and try to reincarnate her. During the process, though, a sly mad robot scientist called Dean A. Alter mixes Sophie's genes with kangaroo and chinchilla DNA. Hence, Sophie is reborn as not an otter, but rather, a kangaroo-chinchilla hybrid called a Kangachilla, as shown in the opening sequence of the series.

In the first episode, Sophie the Kangachilla is then sent to a planet nearby the Solar System called Zeussonia, which is known for the thunder-like rumbles and the sonic boom-shaped clouds. She is given the opportunity to help build a civilization with a clan of Beavermin (beavers with parasitic and poison abilities).

Each episode is action-themed, whether protecting a monument from a storm or fighting against a group of invaders.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Welcome to Zeussonia
  2. The Monument of Union
  3. They Came From the Unknown...
  4. Government Adjustments
  5. Mechanical Minds
  6. A Test Ride
  7. Visiting a Clan
  8. The Yellow Meteorite
  9. Endless Dimensions
  10. Thunder Oasis
  11. Blooming Life
  12. Journey to the Center of Zeussonia
  13. Doom on Arrival
  14. The Power Fountain
  15. Kangachilla Courier
  16. Stuck
  17. Zeussonian Criminals
  18. Identity Theft
  19. The Hunting Game
  20. My Old Self
  21. Flash Flood
  22. Lost Pouch
  23. The Hint of Another Colony
  24. A Near, Bright Future
  25. Apocalypse: Part 1
  26. Apocalypse: Part 2

Season 2Edit

  1. Apocalypse Aftermath
  2. How They Viewed It
  3. Galaxy Is Growing
  4. Lightning Camp
  5. Operation: HOOHAW
  6. Constellation Crisis
  7. Bomb Smugglers
  8. Stealth Labyrinth
  9. Child Rescue
  10. Dust Crocs
  11. Tail Cut
  12. Wormholes