Hassandra Hasee

How she looks.

Hassandra Hasee is a Neopets OC by Sophie the Otter. She is a doughnutfruit-loving female Hasee who is actually Jimmi and Woogy's triplet sister. She is voiced by Siobhan Flynn.


She is a pink Hasee with eyelashes, light pink stripes, a light pink hair tuft, and light pink antenna beads.


While sometimes annoyed by her triplet brothers' silly behavior, she is still part of the trio in having fun collecting doughnutfruits. However, she has an interest in candy as well, such as candy canes and lollipops, further suggesting her "sweet tooth". She can bring up drama at times, but nonetheless satisfies Neopets and Petpets alike with her general kindness.


  • Her name is an obvious portmanteau pun on her species name Hasee and Cassandra.