Gothy Growler

Good Growlina and Gothy Growler.

Gothy Growler is a semi-anthropomorphic Frothy Dawg OC Sophie the Otter. She is Frothy Dawg's girlfriend who has two sides, suggesting that she might have a split-personality disorder, one girly, heroic side (named Good Growlina), and one gothic, villainous side (Gothy Growler).


When she was adopted at the age of 3 months (in dog years), she was in her gothic side. Thus, her teenage twin owners named Vienna and Vera Vixen called her Gothy Growler. Two days later, she was taken out on her first walk, which was under sunny conditions. Soon enough, Gothy Growler suddenly switched to a side that Vienna and Vera never discovered before. She began obeying a few commands in this state. Hence, her owners called her good side Good Growlina.

She first met Frothy Dawg when she was a year old (in dog years). Frothy's rabid side upset her, forcing her to change into Gothy Growler. Shortly afterward, Frothy immediately fell in love with Gothy.

Switching between personalitiesEdit

In any cheery or normal situation, the Good Growlina side is shown, but whenever something upsets her, or if she sees bad weather, her side switches to Gothy Growler. However, if the rain stops and the clouds clear out or if she cheers up, she reverts back to Good Growlina.

Her side change also depends on whenever her boyfriend Frothy is foaming around the mouth or not. In this case, when he's not foaming, her Good Growlina side is shown, but when he does foam, she is in her Gothy Growler side.