How Chelsea appears.

Chelsea Chipmunk is a The Get-Along Gang OC by Sophie the Otter. She first appears in the fanmade Season 3 (1986) episode "Nature Journey". She is voiced by Cree Summer (using a similar voice to that of Penny from Inspector Gadget's, but a bit more energetic).


Chelsea is a sand-colored chipmunk with green eyes, sand-colored eyebrows, a tan hair tuft and brown stripes on her tail. She wears a blue dress with a lighter blue friled collar and stripe, and baby blue heels.  


Chelsea has two sides to herself: bossy and hyper. On her bossy side, she nags the others and has no indoor voice. On her hyper side, she jumps a lot, talks very quickly, and giggles over even the most serious of things. While both sides can get on the other gang members' nerves, she is still appreciated for her otherwise unique personality.


  • Chelsea hates being called "Big Tooth Brat" (by Catchum Crocodile). 
  • Chelsea wishes to be both an accountant and comedienne when she grows up.