Amy "Fibsy" Frog is a The Get-Along Gang OC created by Sophie the Otter. In the fanon season three (1986), she would debut in the season three premiere episode "Nature Journey" along with Snyder "Sleepyhead" Sloth, Chelsea Chipmunk, and T. Jayne Bird, who all joined the Get Along Gang. She is voiced by Kaleena Kiff.


She is a green frog with hazel eyes. She wears a green dress with pointed frills at the end and a purple collar. She also wears pink flip-flops and a flower accessory with blue petals.


Amy is laid back and confident, although she can tell fibs (suggested by her nickname "Fibsy") at times, even if she thinks she's trying to be honest, which gets her into trouble. In spite of her lies, she is always trusted by her peers.


  • Amy has her own "housefly farm", which is a ton of houseflies she keeps in a jar.
  • Amy and "Fibsy" combined are a play on the word "Amphibian"
  • Amy mentions that she has a little brother named Licks in the episode "Have You Seen a Housefly?"
  • Amy's original first name was Annie, but since there was already a minor character called Annie Otter in "The Lighthouse Pirates", her name was changed to prevent confusion and to suit with the "amphibian" pun better.
  • She is the fourth non-mammal main character in the GAG series, after Catchum Crocodile, Leland Lizard, and Braker Turtle.